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For Better or For Worse
Some good news- I have not forgotten my password!
Oh, how I miss writing! How I miss having time to write, and a mind full of ideas, thoughts, feelings, plans... Lately, I feel a little robotic, though just typing out a few sentences here seems to be dusting off my brain a bit. I guess I am still full of most of those things, but in a very different way. God, I'm a mother! I have a mother's brain now, for better or for worse. I spend most of my energy (and brain cells?) worrying about my daughter, and everyone likes to tell me that it is all for no reason, but my experience thus far has shown me that there is, in fact, much to be worried about. Like swallowing "brads," or spilling hot tea all down one's front... Or any of the more common things, like proper carseat installation, a tragedy called "pullover," food allergies, weather-apprpriate clothes, getting enough of the right nutrients, and not too many of the wrong, sleep training, diaper rash, organic foods versus non-organic (shit), diarrhea, fever, delayed speech, sun exposure, and most importantly, Ramona's emotional well-being.
I never knew what anxiety was until I became a mom.
Well, that's not entirely true either, but it's all just so different!
And, I promise, one of these days I will finish my birthing story.
Oh. And...
I'm married now.
(For better or for worse!)

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